The Old Bakery, Penshurst road, Speldhurst, TN3 0PE

01892 863 040 9:30am to 1pm then 3pm to 6pm

Email: speldhurst.dispensary@nhs.net

We are back open to the public - 8:30am to 1pm then 2:30pm to 6pm

The dispensary is back open after a long wait and happy to be seeing patients again in a safe and secure environment.

Upon arrival ring the doorbell at the front entrance to the building. Wait for the green light to show before entering the building. Please be patient as they are only allowing 1 patient at the top of the stairs at a time. 
The dispensary is located on the first floor.

Please exit the building through the back door via the reception.

If you have trouble walking up stairs please let the reception team know.

How to become a Dispensary patient 

Speldhurst dispense medications to any registered patient that live more than a mile from the nearest chemist.

Prescription Requests

When requesting a prescription please allow 72 hours 

Prescription requests can be made in person at the surgery or through the patient access app. To get access to patient access please speak to the reception team