Lifestyle Advice

...Or how to increase the quality of your life.

The Following Topics Are Covered By The Doctors Or The Practice Team:


Many medical problems are caused by being overweight. We can tell you what your ideal weight should be and how to achieve it.

Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol.

lifestyle advice

Avoid excessive calories (on average we eat 1/3 more than we need).

Avoid excessive fatty food (which contains too much cholesterol and calories).

Eat plenty of fibre.



This is still the largest preventable cause of ill-health in this country, especially cancer, heart and lung disease. (None of the doctors in this practice smokes.)



It can help prevent heart disease and control weight. Exercise regularly (this should be enjoyable, comfortable and frequent).


High Blood Pressure 

This can lead to heart trouble and strokes if not treated. Ask the nurse or doctor to check it.


Cervical Smears 

Smears should be done at least every three years (up to age 49) or five years (up to age 65). Make an appointment with one of our doctors or the practice nursing sister.




Take advantage of our surgery's preventative campaign (immunisation, blood pressure, cervical smears, osteoporosis prevention, cholesterol checks).



Avoid Anxiety