Doctors and Staff

The General Practitioners

We are a group of four GPs.

Dr Christopher Sawyer

Dr Hester Blaber

Dr Amanda Nicholls

Dr Nicola Gerrett


Two of the doctors in the practice occasionally have a doctor sharing their practice with them. These doctors are fully qualified but are in training at the start of their careers in general practice under the supervision of a more experienced doctor. You will probably find that they can offer you a more immediate appointment than can your own doctor and we hope you will consult them. If it is only your own doctor that you wish to consult, the receptionist will be able to arrange this but, because their teaching sessions take up time, you may have to wait for a day or two.

As a training practice we undergo periodic assessment, when the quality of patients' records may be examined by a senior doctor. Confidentiality is maintained. However, if you do not want your notes examined please inform the receptionist or doctor.

Medical Students

Occasionally we have medical students with us as part of their studies. They will be observing general practice consultations only. You will always be asked for your permission for a student to be present at your consultation.

Practice Staff

The Primary Health Care Team

The doctors, nurses and other members of the team work together to provide the best possible care and treatment for patients in the light of current methods and practice. They meet frequently to discuss patients' clinical problems. Each member of the team is well aware of the expertise of his fellow workers and frequently seeks another opinion or their advice.

Practice Nursing Sisters 541444 or 863040

The practice nurses are available by appointment from Monday to Friday. 


In addition to providing support to the practice, her secretarial duties include arranging hospital referral appointments and liaison between the hospital consultants and your doctor. She is based at the Speldhurst Surgery - 01892 863040, between 9.00am and 4.00pm. 


All our receptionists have been trained and many of them are very experienced and will be able to answer most of your queries. Anything you tell them will be treated in absolute confidence. If you are unsure whether to consult your doctor, nurse or health visitor etc, the receptionist will be able to advise you.

If you are in doubt about anything ask the receptionist. If she does not know the answer she will ask someone who does. A brief explanation of your problem may enable them to suggest the right person for advice, or offer the most suitable appointment. Please help them to help you.

Practice Manager 

Mrs Pauline Elcome is responsible for the day-to-day running of the surgeries. Should you have any complaints, suggestions or administrative queries then contact her at the Old Bakery Surgery on 01892 863040.

Attached Staff 

District Nurses 517943 

If you are house-bound and need nursing assistance, then your doctor can arrange for a community nursing sister to call. If you have been discharged from the hospital but still need nursing treatment at home, then the hospital will usually arrange for a community nurse to visit you.

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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Hollis Pharmacy