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by Anonymous gave Dr Sawyer & Partners a rating of 5 stars

GP consultation

At my most recent visit to my local GP surgery, as always, I was treated by the GP with sympathy and respect and all the facts I presented were listened to and carefully noted and my concerns and questions dealt with calmly and clearly. A brief physical examination was carried out gently and proficiently and I felt completely comfortable and confident with the advice and treatment I was given. I also feel confident that my records are kept fully up to date and taken into consideration at each visit in conjunction with any new concerns or conditions that I have presented with. This is the experience I have had with all of the practice GPs.

I should add that the reception staff are all outstanding, always helpful, patient and pleasant to everyone as well as being consistently efficient at their duties. There is a very happy and relaxed atmosphere in this surgery which in turn gives confidence to patients and creates a relaxed ambience for anxious patients waiting for appointments. If there are ever any problems or delays they are always quickly explained and resolved.

Visited in June 2018, Posted on 26 June 2018

by Mike Clarke gave Dr Sawyer & Partners a rating of 5 stars

Medical Centre Greggs Wood Road

Never a bad experience visiting the surgery - friendly and helpful staff ... always!

Visited in April 2018, Posted on 21 May 2018

by Anonymous gave Dr Sawyer & Partners a rating of 5 stars

Helpful, friendly Doctors, nurses, reception, dispensary

I have been a patient at Speldhurst for 30 years now and, despite changes in personnel over that time, have always been more than happy with the service received.

Visited in December 2017, Posted on 29 December 2017

by Eric gave Dr Sawyer & Partners a rating of 5 stars

An excellent local surgery

Having lived in Speldhurst for 40 years my experience with this practice is that they have always provided an excellent level of service. The staff have always been friendly and the fact that it has its own pharmacy on the premises is an additional bonus. We are lucy to have such an excellent facility.

Visited in October 2017, Posted on 07 October 2017